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Phone Number: (661) 945-1051
Firewood & Pellets

We carry almond, oak, walnut and citrus firewood. We sell small racks, 1/4 cords, 1/2 cords and full cords. We deliver half cords & up. We buy our wood almost one year in advance so it is seasoned & ready for you to burn when you have it delivered or you pick up.

The common length for firewood is 18"-20" but we also carry almond in 16" pieces (16" size - limited while supplies last).

A cord of wood is 4X4X8 feet (128 cubic feet).

Call or come by to place an order or to pick up your seasoned firewood today. (661) 945-1051
Wood Burning Pellets:
We sell Bear Mountain and Olympus brand wood pellets. Bear Mountain Pellets are made from Douglas Fir Sawdust and are very low in ash. We deliver 1 ton orders and larger. We bring a pallet jack so we can roll them into garages or buildings with concrete floors. Pellets need to be stored in a dry place and away from the elements to keep them dry for burning.
Bar-B-Que Pellets:
We carry BBQ Pellet in 20lbs bags. Flavor varieties include Apple, Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Alder, Maple, Pecan, & Oak. Made from real wood, no oils or artificial flavors.

BBQ Pellets are sold for $15/bag.
Small Quantities Available!!

Check out our carts which are perfect for weekend fires, camping trips, and can fit in the trunk of a car. Almond firewood is the only wood available in the cart size.
Pellet Fuel
Firewood & Pellet Fuel
Above: 1 ton of Bear Mountain Pellets
Above: 1/2 cord almond firewood
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